Senior Pictures are what reminds you of what YOUR life was like when you were a senior in high school.

Senior Pictures should be UNIQUE!

Your pictures should tell something about you and your style, your personality, your passions, your dreams, the things that define you and your life today.

 Do you have a letterman jacket? Play an instrument or a sport? Have a hobby? Do you love your car, motorcycle, or skateboard? What about your BFF or your pet? Do you want to include them in a few shots?

These are all things to think about including into your creative senior session. Something to make your session unique and tell YOUR story of who you are.

 Where to begin… the million dollar question is always "what should I wear?"

The standards are this:

Solid colors photograph better than patterns and shirts with patterns and large logos can take the eye of the viewer away from the face and bring the focus to the clothing.

So what does this mean? In general solid colors photograph best… however…in a Senior Session we want you to express yourself and for your style and your personality to come through. We want you to choose clothing that represents YOU, who you are TODAY!

Think about these things: What do you feel good in? What do you LOOK good in? What are you comfortable in? What colors are the most flattering on you? Think about your everyday life right now and what YOU wear and try to build off of that.

A variety of outfits for different looks is best.

For girls: jeans, a dress, shorts or capris, and a skirt along with shirts, shoes, and accessories. Think about some layers as well… maybe a jean jacket over your dress with boots and a hat then ditch the jacket and hat for some heels with the same dress… if heels aren't your thing but a dress with a pair of converse are… well then bring it!

 Girls, if you’re going to wear dresses or skirt, wear something underneath that will allow for flexibility in our shots. Also, if you wear a tank or something underneath your outfit, it makes it easier to change on location. Also, think about bra straps with the outfits you are wearing and choose your bra(s) accordingly.

For guys: jeans, khakis, shorts, and slacks along with shirts, shoes, belts, hat, etc. Shirts can be solid tees, polo, button down plaid or stripes - whatever your style is. Layers look great! Jerseys are great too, whether it’s your own team jersey, your favorite team or your chosen college bound team… Jerseys with jeans look great!

*To wear WHITE or NOT… some photographer's will tell you to never wear white… in general white tends to wash a lot of people out however some people look great in white, if you are one of those people, you know who you are… then by all means bring it and wear it!

In short, a couple of classics and a couple that really show off your personality would be great!

Whatever clothing you bring, make sure that it is clean and pressed if needed. Make sure that you bring shoe options & BRING A BRUSH OR COMB to tame fly away hairs.

At the end of the day… BE YOURSELF… but bring at least one outfit that will make mom and grandma happy :)
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